Catnip Frequently Asked Questions


What is catnip?

Catnip comes from the catnip plant, Nepeta cataria, and is native to Europe, Asia and Africa. It is also grows wildly in some parts of North America.


How does catnip work?

The active ingredient in catnip is called Nepetalactone. The smell from Nepetalactone triggers a cat’s olfactory receptors and causes a state of harmless, playful behavior.


How will my cat respond to catnip?

Your cat may roll around, rub their face in the catnip, run around or may even seem mellow for a while. Every cat reacts differently to catnip. You should always monitor your cat when using catnip.


Why didn't my kitten/cat respond to catnip?

Cats usually begin to appreciate catnip between 6 and 8 months of age. Not all cats respond to catnip.


How much catnip should I give at a time?

The scent of Cosmic Catnip is so strong that just a pinch or two will be enough to drive cats wild!

How should I store catnip?

To keep catnip fresh, store in a safe, cool, dark place.


What is catnip oil?

Catnip oil taken from the catnip plant, so its natural, dye-free, safe and non-toxic.


Why give my cat catnip?

Sometimes regular toys just don’t keep cats interested. Sprinkling toys with catnip can get your cat moving. If your cat seems “off its feed,” sprinkle a little bit on its food. Catnip can also attract your cat to an object like a scratcher where they can groom their claws.


Can I eat catnip?

Although catnip is not harmful to humans and has been used as a tea for centuries, we recommend that Cosmic Catnip is used exclusively by cats. It has been selectively grown for your cat’s pleasure. Our catnip is not intended for human consumption.