In a Galaxy Far, Far Maryland.


Cosmic Catnip was originally established in 1975 as Cosmic Cat Corporation. It was developed out of the experience of Leon Seidman who was merely trying to make his cat, WB, happy. When Leon  brought home store bought catnip, WB repeatedly shook his head and walked away from it. So, Leon decided to get back to nature, go into the country and get “the good stuff.”


Leon went searching and found catnip growing wild.  He brought some back for WB and  some  for his friends with cats. He saved the seeds and planted them in his garden where they germinated and flourished. He continued to go to the country and cut wild catnip so that WB would have the freshest catnip possible. 


And as things go with people, his friends told other friends and their friends told more people. So more and more people were coming to Leon's house asking, "Are you the catnip man?" He of course said "Yes" and gave them some of his home-grown catnip.


After a year of giving catnip away to people who wanted to make their cats happy, it dawned on Leon that he should create a business from catnip and make cats happy everywhere.


More than 35 years later, Cosmic Catnip is the world’s leading brand of catnip. Cosmic Catnip produces more packages of catnip than any other company anywhere. Cosmic Catnip also is the world’s leading manufacturer of corrugated cat scratchers, catnip, treats and is the largest manufacturer of catnip toys in the United States.


In keeping with Leon's desire to make cats happy, Cosmic Catnip has become a leading manufacturer of cat accessory items, developing an international reputation for quality.


Oh and why do we call it Cosmic? Its products are out-of-this-world and Cosmic Catnip is the best catnip in the Universe!