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Great Stocking Stuffers from Cosmic Catnip™

- New products still have the same catnip cat’s love -

FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio (July 26, 2011) – For centuries cats have been known to go crazy for catnip and the love they have for this distant member of the mint family is apparent in the number of catnip-infused toys on the market. Cosmic Catnip™, an OurPet’s brand, has released interactive and edible toys and treats for cats – all featuring the “Best Catnip in the Universe™,” Cosmic Catnip.

The Cosmic Catnip brand was acquired by OurPet’s in August 2010. Since then, the line has undergone exciting changes to its popular lines including new toys and treats. The new products will be available in stores August 1. All Cosmic Catnip is North American grown.

The new line of Cosmic Catnip products include:

  • Catnip – the staple of the brand and loved by cats everywhere Cosmic Catnip helps to stimulate playful behavior in cats and the new packaging will include seven unique sizes including a ½ oz tub, 1 oz jar, 2 oz jar, 3 oz jar, 4 oz jar, ½ oz poly bag and a 1 oz gusseted bag.

  • Catnip Enhanced – these products include Frisky Spritz and Bouncy Bubbles, both containing 100% pure catnip oil to recharge toys and scratchers. The catnip enhanced products are safe and non-toxic so there’s no worry if you spray too much or spill on the ground. Frisky Spritz comes in two sizes: a 1 oz and an 8 oz bottle. Bouncy Bubbles come in two sizes as well: a 5 oz bottle and an 8 oz bottle.

  • Treats – the Tuna Flakes in the treat collection are low in fat, high in protein! Made from 100% pure tuna, these flakes are available in two sizes: ½ oz jar and a 1 oz jar.

  • Growables – now you can grow treats at home. The Kitty Cat Grass, Kitty Cat Grass Family and the Kitty herbs are a good dietary supplement rich in fiber. The treats grow quickly and are a blend of premium cat herbs and cat grasses.

  • Scratchers – redirect cats claws away from your furniture with the help of these corrugated scratchers. Available in seven styles, the scratchers feature DURAblock™ technology, which can withstand either one or multiple cats scratching when needed. Unique packaging designs will fit in with most decors within a home.

  • Toys – there are four unique toy collections within the new Cosmic Catnip line including 100% Catnip Filled Toys, Refillable Catnip Toys, Refillable Catnip Wands, Catnip Dispensing Toys. Each toy comes with a generous amount of genuine Cosmic Catnip.

About The OurPet’s Company

The OurPet’s Company was founded in 1995 when it began making the revolutionary Big Dog Feeder® raised feeding system. Committed to remaining always on the cutting edge of innovation for the health, safety, comfort and enjoyment of pets, the company is proud to include the following top brands in its portfolio: Flappy® dog toys, Durapet® Premium Stainless Steel Pet Bowls, Pet Zone®, ecoPure® Naturals, Cosmic Catnip™, SmartScoop® and Play-n-Squeak® cat toys. The OurPet’s Company is publicly traded as OPCO (OTC BB). For a full listing of consumer brands, visit


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